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Weekly Blog #3

Beyond the Text

I felt that this political cartoon summed up a lot of what we had learned in last class about the different types of government and how each of them think and what they believe a properly structured nation should be like. Many people today would rather be a pragmatist in today’s society as the government many times to push things on the people of the nation, whereas a pragmatist would rather think over a situation PRACTICALLY, unlike many of the politicians that we have in today’s world.


Tumblr.  Aug. 27, 2011. Sept. 21, 2011 <http://princessbar.tumblr.com/post/9470355817>

Media Analysis

My headline, or mainstream story that I chose this week is about the typhoon Roke that recently hit Japan who was still trying to repair everything that the, also recent, tsunami did to their homes and villages. Japan has been having such a hard time over the past year and I know that Canada is trying to help them. They are setting up foundations to try to raise money to send over for repairs, they are trying, but why aren’t they over there? Why doesn’t our government, of our beautifully wealthy country, go over to physically help these people piece their lives back together? This ties into our course because we have to realize that maybe our government isn’t completely how it tries to portray itself. Maybe they just want ultimate control of the country and to try to put everything here, or in Ottawa specifically, number one on the priority list and not helping the world, as Canada has been known to do before.

My under-reported story takes us to the United States where recently, amongst all of the other changes Obama has done to the policies in the States, people say that he is now trying to undermine the education system and unions within it because he wants charter schools to stop segregation of students and to let everyone be together as equals. This seems quite fitting as most segregation ended years ago and people have been mixed in with one another for a long time. Why should these parents who send their children to these charter schools be encouraging racism and disbelief in other cultures and people of other nationalities? This just shows that as racist as the communists were years ago in the deportation, imprisonment and killing of the Jewish, it still exists in today’s society, just at a much smaller scale, but if these schools stay segregated, these children will never know anything different and therefore bringing us around in a big circle by causing and creating more highly racist people.


The Globe and Mail. Sept. 21, 2011. Sept. 21, 2011 <http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/asia-pacific/powerful-typhoon-hits-japan-over-a-million-people-ordered-to-evacuate/article2174116/>

Project Censored. 2011. Sept. 21, 2011 <http://www.projectcensored.org/top-stories/articles/20-obama%e2%80%99s-charter-school-policies-spread-segregation-and-undermine-unions/>

Research Discovery

This week we had to go to politicalcompass.com and do the test to see where we would stand in a chart with our political views. Here’s my image and a basic summary that I have compiled from the information they gave above.

Your political compass

Economic Left/Right: -2.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.49

This states that I am in the same range as Gandhi. I want the world to be fair and even, but there are limitations as to what the government can and can’t say for you to do. I believe that everyone should be free and able to do what they like, when they would like to. I believe that this is true about me since I believe people are all equal and should be given a fighting chance to obtain whatever they may dream of.


Political Compass. Sept. 21, 2011 <http://www.politicalcompass.org/>

Reflective Journal

This week was a good week, in the sense that I enjoy learning about the past and things that have gone wrong in the world but just keeps recurring because people never think to change what they’re doing and seeing. Being in school with all of the extra work, I can see why the world gets out of hand sometimes. There are times when you’re just so exhausted and just want to be able to lay down and rest that you just agree with whatever is being said to you, just you can get some time. This is inadvertently what happens every time something bad happens, or the government decides to try to change something, people just don’t have the want or ability to fight anymore so they just start agreeing with whatever is being placed on the table before them.

Question of the Week

It’s sometimes hard for me to believe people can still be so racist in today’s society with so much diversity in our world. The high school I attended in Halifax, NS had 1600 students, there were about 100 different countries represented and about 52 different languages spoken, so haven grown up around that for 3 years of my life, I have much respect for other cultures and I adore learning about them. Why are people so intolerant about people’s race, sexual orientation and cultures?


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